Philosophy of “Schalthaus Bergmannsglück”

To create a cultural area which is a space to live and a space to learn the same way, that’s the purpose and endeavour of the “Schalthaus Bergmannsglück”. The house which sustained the former colemine “Bergmannsglück” with electricity is meant to be a part of the structural change of the district and to release a pulse in the northern Ruhr Region.

There shall be two sectors, which are linked to each other: First of all the multifunctional cultural area which can be used for exhibitions, readings, concerts and stage plays. On the other hand culture shall come alive by having workshops, lessons and projects to find the own creative talents.

Im Rahmen einer Projektwoche im Sommer 2013 webten die Kinder mit Monika Schmidt ein BildThe already existing “Bergmannsglücker Bildungsprojekt” will be a part of the “Schalthaus Bergmannsglück” too. Seven years ago, Monika W. Schmidt and Kira Schmidt, owner of the “Alfred-Schmidt-Haus” which was the nucleus of the “Schalthaus”, started this cooperation with a school for children with emotional problems. At least once a year they visit this school and realize creative projects from dance-workshops and performances to weaving a picture. Through these projects the children learn that they have talents although they might have problems to live a normal life. And sometimes they earn applause for the first time in their life.

Beside these special creative classes, projects and workshops work with the capabilities of young people and teach them how to use them and have a concrete result. Theatre projects for young people give them the chance to work with a new role and to develop self-consciousness. Dance-workshops work with the fascination of movement and teach how to transport emotions without a word.

Comparable offers shall be there for adults.

The results of all of these projects will be brought on the stage in smaller events or bigger ones, which combine two or more projects like the “Kulturnacht” already does. This event had its premier in 2012. It brings all the projects of the “Schalthaus Bergmannsglück” together to a longlasting cultural night which can be visited by everybody because there’s no entrance to pay and even the drinks are for free. This event is possible by getting public funds and donations from the guests.

The pedagogical basic idea of those projects is to bring professional artists of all disciplines together with laypeople who get the chance to learn from such amazing performers. Often this concept includes a bilingual experience for everybody who is involved.

“Schalthaus Bergmannsglück” approaches to every people. Barriers are broken down – it’s all about togetherness and cooperation. All kinds of inclusion are practiced and lived. The center of this concept is the human and not its attributes. It does not matter if somebody is poor or rich, black or white, privileged or not, homosexual or heterosexual, handicapped or not. Connecting link and heart of everything is the culture.

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